Who We Are

Sparta High Point School is located in the Educational and Administrative Center on the second floor. Students in grades 6-12 have elected to experience the project based, standards based curriculum model that is the cornerstone of High Point School's instructional philosophy. These students are a part of a dynamic learning environment that is tailored to meet their diverse learning needs.

What We Believe

A guiding principle of High Point School is the belief that all students can succeed and are capable of producing high quality work. To that end, students are required to tie their project proposals to Wisconsin Model Academic Standards. Each project proposal must include a list of the standards that the project will meet at the proficient or advanced level. Evaluation of completed projects is determined by the extent to which the project meets the standards that were included in the project proposal.

How Students Learn

Learning at High Point School extends well beyond the walls of the classrooms. Students are encouraged to locate resources and develop partnerships with the community as an integral part of their project design. In addition, they seek out community members willing to serve as mentors during their project research, design, and presentation. The presentation room is designed for students to share the products of their research with other students, faculty, and community members.

Students are accountable for making responsible decisions about using their time effectively to reach their learning goals and can tailor their daily schedule to support those goals. Since High Point School is within the Sparta Area School District, students will be able to participate in extracurricular activities and coursework offered at the middle school and high school.

How This Looks

High Point has a very different appearance than a traditional school. Each student has their own work station with a filing cabinet and desktop computer. Students have the opportunity to work independently or in cooperative, collaborative groups on projects that they have initiated. As students are able to direct their own learning, they will have ample time to explore topics of interest to them deeply and thoroughly.