Sparta Family Access


This quick guide is intended to give a brief overview of the process you (the parent) will experience in viewing your child(ren’s) information on-line.


Go to:


The opening screen will ask you for your username and password. These are provided to you by the school district. Be careful to use capital letters were necessary. The logins for this system are generated by the primary contact for the family. In most cases this is listed as the FATHER.



Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher Safari 1.2 are compatible with Skyward Family Access.

After you login you must continue to use the program. If you leave your computer alone for 1 minute the program will log you out.

After log-in a “General Information” screen will appear.


Rectangular Callout: This drop down will allow you to change the school.Rectangular Callout: Clicking on this drop down will allow you to change which child you are looking at.


This screen will normally be filled out with student data (for this example the data has been removed).


If for some reason you do not have and email on file with the school system you will see this screen.



Clicking on the  button will bring up a new window. You will need your password.



Filling in this email will allow the school system to communicate with you about grades, homework, discipline issues and more directly via email.


This menu item shows general student information about the child you have chosen.



This menu item will show current grades for current classes by period, teacher name and class description.




This shows current messages for you and your child.



This shows two month calendars and is color coded. It is also viewable by term, and has a link to email the school attendance officer.


Line Callout 2: Board Policy states families wishing to address discipline issues should schedule and appointment with the building principal. Therefore no data is available here.Line Callout 2: This shows current schedule of classes for your child.  


This menu shows a history of your login activity.










Selecting the  button opens the  window.


Rectangular Callout: Here is a sample of what will open when the grade is selected.

Rounded Rectangular Callout: Clicking the grades will open a detail of how the grade is created.

















The  button shows this window:




The  button shows this:




The  menu item opens the calendar button:


Rounded Rectangular Callout: Selecting a date in blue will bring up Attendance detail for that date.


The  shows this screen:





The  button shows:



The  button shows this:



The ALL TERMS button:





The  button has many menu items. Most information will be available from the  button. Unless your child has special health related information.




These are the BASICS of the Family Access website.